• Tokyo Podcast 50: GoGo Nihon

    GoGo Nihon

    Starting with a simple domain name and website, Davide Rossi has built Go! Go! Nihon into a hugely successful company that brings students from around the world to study in Japan.

  • Tokyo Podcast 49: Renting An Apartment In Tokyo

    Rent Apartment in Tokyo

    Renting an apartment in Tokyo is a complicated process filled with all sorts of historic regulations, strange acronyms and more fees than you can possibly imagine.

  • Tokyo Podcast 48: Ishinomkai: Then and Now

    Tokyo Podcast Ishinomaki

    Eight months after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami devastated the small town of Ishinomaki, documentary filmmaker Paul Johannessen went and interviewed a number of residents to find out about the recovery effort.

  • Tokyo Podcast 47: Traveling in Japan by Wheelchair

    Traveling by wheelchair in Japan

    With it’s busy sidewalks and endless stairs in and out of the train stations, is Japan closed off to someone in a wheelchair or is it surprisingly accessible? On this show I talk to Ashley Olson about her recent trip to Japan. the many surprises she encountered and why she is eager to come back.

  • Tokyo Podcast 45: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

    Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary film by David Gelb that follows the daily life of 85 year old Jiro Ono who is the owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro and is widely considered to be the world’s greatest sushi chef.

  • Tokyo Podcast 44: Japan Architecture Tour

    On this show I talk to architect Robert Day about his 10 day Japan Architecture Tour and about the different architecture styles that are unique to Japan and what to look for if you plan your own trip to Japan.

  • Tokyo Podcast 43: Always Reading Caravan

    Always Reading Caravan that provides mobile library services to families in the rural areas of Thailand. Yoshimi talks to Anthony about the works she’s doing to increase reading in Thailand and the difficulties she faces as a blind woman in navigating the chaotic streets of Bangkok.

  • Tokyo Podcast 39: Return of Sachi

    We are pleased to welcome back to Tokyo Podcast Sachiko Takao who joins us to give her review of Ruth Jarman Shiraishi’s new book 日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと. She joins the show to talk about the insights she gained into her own culture from reading Ruth’s book and the important message that she feels the book has for […]

  • Tokyo Podcast 36: Suicide in Japan

    One of the most disturbing records that Japan holds is that it boasts one of the highest suicide records in the world. To find out more about what options are available for anyone suffering from depression I invited Clinical Psychologist Andrew Grimes on the show to talk about the issue of suicide and how mental […]

  • Tokyo Podcast 35: Bobby Judo

    On this show I talk to popular YouTube creator Bobby Judo about his time in Japan and how he transitioned his YouTube fame into a regular spot on Japanese television. Bobby uncovers the truth about getting on TV here in Japan and tells us about all the hard work that it took for him to […]

  • Tokyo Podcast 34: 日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと

    Ruth Jarman Shiraishi is a long resident of Japan and has spent the past 20 years working in and with Japanese companies. She has recently combined her knowledge of Japanese business with her love for Japan to produce her first book ‘日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと’ which chronicles all the great things that she sees about Japan.

  • Tokyo Podcast 31: Amy Chavez

    One this show Anthony talks to Japan Times columnist Amy Chavez about her book ‘Japan Funny Side Up’ which is a unique travel guide that offers valuable tips and insights into the strange and wacky aspects of Japanese culture.

  • Tokyo Podcast 30: Shinkansen

    The shinkansen is a marvel of technology and engineering and despite it’s international reputation for speed and safety not much is known about what makes it work so well. On this show Anthony delves into the history and details of the shinkansen with author Christopher Hood and the impact high speed rail has had on […]

  • Tokyo Podcast 29: Hikosaemon

    On this show we are joined by popular YouTube creator, Hikosaemon who has produced many excellent videos about cultural aspect of living in Japan. On this show Hiko talks to Anthony about what it means to be a foreigner in Japan, about life as a Japanese in Japan and the ultimate question of can a […]

  • Tokyo Podcast 28: BC Beach Watch

    The devastating earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunami carried millions of tons of personal belongings of out to sea. These belongings are now starting to wash ashore along the west coast of North America. Anthony talks to Rohit Bhatia about his unique social mapping application that hopes to leverage the power of Facebook to […]

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