• Tokyo Podcast 41: Jazz in Tokyo

    Anthony joins Tokyo jazz fan, James Catchpole at the hidden Samurai jazz bar in Shinjuku to talk about jazz in Japan and why he feels that Tokyo is one of the great jazz cities in the world.

  • Tokyo Podcast 40: Sayulee

    Last year Sayulee launched an interesting YouTube project where she would sing a new song everyday for 1 year. As of this recording she is at number 327 and she joins me today to talk about her YouTube channel, upcoming bilingual Japanese English album and the special event she has planned for the 365th day.

  • Tokyo Podcast 38: Leona Tokutake

    Leona Tokutake is a classically trained violinist from Tokyo who moved to America to pursue her dream of playing bluegrass music. Leona is currently touring Japan to promote her latest CD, ‘A New Peace Within’ and joins us to talk about her journey from the big city of Tokyo to the mountains of Tennessee.

  • Tokyo Podcast 14: Isaku Kageyama

    I talk to Isaku Kageyama who is two-time National Odaiko Champion and is the first person to be accepted into a major American music university for playing taiko. We talk about the history of taiko, how the Japanese system makes it difficult for younger players to get noticed and how more traditional Japanese music might […]

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