• Tokyo Podcast 23: Learn Japanese Podcast

    We continue our Japanese Language Series with Alex Brooke who is the host of the Learn Japanese Podcast. His podcast is recorded with native Japanese speakers who teach useful everyday conversational Japanese. Alex is also an accomplished musician and on this show we delve into the rhythm and the melody of Japanese compared to other […]

  • Tokyo Podcast 17: Uncle Polyglot

    We continue our Japanese Language series with Yushi Shinoda, aka Uncle Polyglot who speaks 5 languages. We get into all sorts of study techniques from memorization, flash cards and even speaking to cats all in the name of learning a new language. Listen Now » Uncle Polyglot

  • Tokyo Podcast 13: Jet Set Citizen

    Which is more difficult to do, start a successful business or to sell a successful business? On this show I talk to John Bardos about why he sold is Japanese language school to travel around the world and what has learned about himself in the process. Listen Now » Jet Set Citizen

  • Tokyo Podcast 12: Learn Japanese From Anime

    In our continuing Japanese Language Series we look into learning Japanese through anime with our guest Ken Cannon who not only claims that it is possible to learn Japanese from anime but he teaches a course on how to do it. Listen Now » Learn Japanese From Anime

  • Tokyo Podcast 7: Genki Japan

    We kick off our Japanese language series by talking to Richard Graham from Genki Japan, which produces a series of YouTube videos helping people learn Japanese in a fun and unique way. We compare different study methods and how you can say “may the force be with you” in Japanese. Listen Now » Genki Japan