• Tokyo Podcast 34: 日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと

    June 4th, 2012

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    Tokyo Podcast 34: 日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと

    Ruth Jarman Shiraishi is a long resident of Japan and is the CEO of Jarman International, which focuses on business development for nine unique partner companies ranging from real estate to financial services to eco-friendly energy to publishing.

    Ruth is the first western woman to hold a Japanese real estate license and has spent the past 20 years working in and with Japanese companies. She has combined her knowledge of Japanese business with her love for Japan to author her first book titled 日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと which chronicles all the great things that she sees about Japan.

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    1. kaga
      Jun 8th

      I enjoyed this episode very much. Thanks for brightening my day, Ruth and Anthony!
      I live in the UK but I’d love to read the book so I’m going to order it from the Japanese bookshop in London. Do you know if it is going to be available as an e-book for Kindle?

    2. Jun 8th

      Interesting show. I would be interested in reading a direct translation of the book, rather than something modified for English speakers.

    3. Jun 13th

      Have to agree with Mike. Would much prefer a direct translation. What if we want to talk about the book with Japanese friends. Bit strange with two versions.

      • Jun 13th

        Yeah it would be a great conversation starter with Japanese friends. I suppose though that she wrote the book for Japanese people and some of the stories might not translate over so well.

        But I agree that I would love to be able to read it. I guess all the more reason to study the nihongo!

    4. [...] Tokyo Podcast episode #34 Anthony interviewed author and businesswoman Ruth Jarman Shiraishi about her new book 日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと which has been getting rave [...]

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