Tokyo Podcast 3: Moving to Japan

On this show Anthony talks about leaving Thailand, experiencing culture shock at the rudeness of the Chinese and the feeling of relief after finally making it to Japan.

He also talks about the difficulties and challenges of finding an apartment in Japan. This is a process filled with large amounts of paperwork, procedures and endless fees.

So far the change from Thailand to Japan has been a lot more complicated than Anthony expected but he is looking forward to settling into his new life in Tokyo.

Personal note about day rooms at Shanghai Pudong Airport:

I had a 10 hour layover at Shanghai Pudong Airport and I couldn’t find much information about renting a day room online so here is my experience as of September, 2011. As far as I could tell there are no day rooms at the airport, however there are two hotels that are connected to the airport that are easy to find on any of the maps around the airport.

The hotel I stayed in was called Super Motel 168 and the room rate was around 500 RMB per night. The entire hotel had a 1970’s look and feel to it with a smell that matched a place that hasn’t been cleaned in 40 years. The carpet in the room was badly stained everywhere and the furniture was littered with cigarette burn marks. I was told there was internet access in the room but no matter what I tried I could not get online. The hotel staff spoke very limited English and in keeping with everyone else I encountered at the airport were unwilling to help with anything.

My travelling companion was not able to leave the airport without obtaining a transit visa and this is why we stayed at the hotel airport but my recommendation for anyone traveling to Pudong Airport is to avoid this hotel if you can.

Motel 168 Shanghai Pudong Motel 168 Shanghai Pudong Motel 168 Shanghai Pudong

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