Tokyo Podcast 15: Japanese Castle Explorer

Of the 3000 castles that once dotted the Japanese landscape only 12 remain in their original condition. From old ruins to modern replicas, on this show we talk to Daniel O`Grady from Japanese Castle Explorer about the historic and modern significance of Japanese castles.

I also post a mini review of the new Sony Playstation Vita. This new gaming machine from Sony has been eagerly anticipated by fans and is an important product for the profit challenged company. Does the Sony Playstation Vita live up to the hype and would I recommend it as a portable gaming device? The answer is no, listen to find out why.

This is the last episode of Tokyo Podcast for 2011 and I wanted to thank everyone who for listening and supporting the show, and a special thank you to all the guests who have been on. Without your support Tokyo Podcast would just be me talking to myself and so I thank everyone for making it a huge success and I look forwarding to bringing you more fascinating stories from Japan!

See you in January!

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