• Tokyo Podcast 29: Hikosaemon

    April 29th, 2012

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    Tokyo Podcast Hikosaemon

    Tokyo Podcast 29: Hikosaemon

    Anthony returns to Japan from his month long vacation to his home city of Vancouver, Canada. He talks about experiencing reverse culture shock at being back in his home country and how his life dramatically improved by forcing change into it.

    We are also joined by popular YouTube creator, Hikosaemon who has produced many excellent videos about cultural aspect of living in Japan. On this show Hiko talks to Anthony about what it means to be a foreigner in Japan, about life as a Japanese in Japan and the ultimate question of can a foreigner ever be accepted into Japanese society.

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    1. Great show!

    2. Charlie
      May 2nd

      Great podcast Hiko!

    3. May 2nd

      Great show! (Although all the ones I’ve listened to are good – I don’t always get to listen to them :( ) Was interesting hearing about your experiences going back Vancouver; it’s been a while since I’ve been to Seattle/Bham and I’m wondering what it’s gonna be like when we do visit…

      I also appreciated what you said about change. Completely agree. I don’t think we get anywhere without change and I’m glad I’ve taken risks and stepped out of my comfort zone over the years. So much good comes of it!

      Loved the interview. Was intriguing to hear his thoughts on what Japanese think and fitting in or not and all that, multiculturalism and all that.

      • May 3rd

        Thanks Ashley. It was so strange to be back in Vancouver after such a long absence. While it was fun at first it does remind me that I’m glad I left and moved on.

        Hiko is a wealth of info on Japanese culture and customs. I must get him back on the show again.

    4. Amanda
      Jul 5th

      I really liked this podcast. It has great insight in the expat experience and Japanese culture. As a female expat who has lived in Japan for a few years I have to say that I’ve found the opposite to be true in the point that was made about openly talking about sex in Japan (with close friends). I’ve had many conversations with Japanese on the topic which they all openly admitted that foreigners were more frank/open about the topic and that they do not speak on the subject with their close female friends (except when they were in high school). However I believe this to be true among Japanese women. Perhaps the point of view spoken on the podcasts can only be accurate among Japanese men. Or perhaps only with certain types of Japanese people. Where some are more prude than others on these kinds of subjects, just like in the U.S. or other foreign countries.

      • Jul 6th

        Thanks for the comment Amanda. Interesting that you found that Japanese women are not as open as the men. Makes me wonder then what do they talk about?

    5. Karum
      Aug 1st

      The council you gave on “change” was very inspiring for me. Just want to say thank you. I like your podcast a lot. =)

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