• Tokyo Podcast 21: Dating in Japan

    February 12th, 2012

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    Tokyo Podcast Dating in Japan

    Tokyo Podcast 21: Dating in Japan

    One of the most commonly asked questions that we here at Tokyo Podcast get is what is dating like in Japan? Is it the same as dating in a Western country? Are Japanese girls shy? Do Japanese guys flirt?

    Intercultural dating is always fraught with challenges and dating in Japan is no exception. To guide us through this dating minefield we have Melissa Feineman who wrote the ‘Let’s Date’ column for the Japanzine magazine. She joins us to explain the various aspects of dating in Japan and how the Japanese system of dating has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

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    1. Feb 12th

      I’ve actually found that people in Tokyo have begun shifting over to the more Western Valentines Day in the past few years.

      Before most Japanese people had no idea that men and women both exchange gifts outside of Japan on Valentines Day but recently word has gotten around via people visiting Japan, Japanese people travelling abroad, English language movies and even Japanese TV shows about the difference and most after hearing this do Valentines Western style.

      Yeah a lot of Japanese people still do it old school but there’s definitely a growing number of guys who give their girlfriends gifts on Valentines Day in Japan now.

      • Is it true that some Japanese people don’t know that Christmas is on the 25th? I heard that because it is celebrated here on the 24th many don’t know that the rest of the world celebrates it on the 25th.

        • Martin
          Feb 13th

          I have had alot of that experience with Christmas… I know alot of ppl who really think its the 24th, but thats because Christmas is more similar to valentines day. Its a couples thing. My J-wife has spent many Christmas days with my family, and for her its just something she has to put up with. She would much rather do something romantic on Christmas. As far as Valentines day goes… She pulls the ‘international marriage’ trump card, and says that we should celebrate that one in a more western fashion… aka… buy her something nice..

    2. Feb 18th

      In most of my time in Japan I don’t think I’ve met anyone who celebrates Christmas on the 24th. Think everyone knows it’s on the 25th. However the 23rd is the Emperor’s birthday and a public holiday so most Japanese people get that day off and sometimes the 24th and have to work all day on the 25th which might explain any early celebrations.

      I know many international marriages who experience conflict on the 25th when the Japanese partner has to work all day.

    3. Anselmi
      Feb 20th

      “Is it true that some Japanese people don’t know that Christmas is on the 25th? I heard that because it is celebrated here on the 24th many don’t know that the rest of the world celebrates it on the 25th.”

      By rest of the world do you mean America? At least in most European countries (I’m finnish) christmas is celebrated on 24th (christmas eve). While 25th is national holiday in many countries it’s not the “main” day of celebration like in America etc.

    4. Ago
      Feb 8th

      First of all I love tokyo-podcast, keep doing great shows!

      Oh the guys who like the Omotesando guy are recruting for hostess clubs most of the time. Thats why the girls ignor them. Would it be a hair salon he would try to give her a flyer or something ;) and let her go.

      This guys are everywhere and to99% try to recrut girls.

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