• Tokyo Podcast 42: Irezumi Japanese Tattoos

    Despite a long and rich history in Japan tattoos are still not widely accepted in Japan due to their association with the Yakuza. Benny gives us an fascinating insight into the world of tattooing in Japan.

  • Tokyo Podcast 33: Forgive Don’t Forget

    When Japan surrendered to the United Stated in 1945 numerous swords were taken from Japanese soldiers and given to American officers. Paul Ufema is a documentary filmmaker who’s grandfather, an officer in the US Navy was given 3 Japanese swords. For many years the swords sat in the basement collecting dust until Paul decided to […]

  • Tokyo Podcast 32: Zen Buddhism

    Tokyo Podcast talks to Reverend Takafumi Kawakami who is a Zen Buddhist Priest in Kyoto about the practise of meditation and how it can be used as an effective stress management tool. We also talk about the role that Buddhism plays in modern day Japan and the work that Reverend Takafumi is doing to revitalize […]

  • Tokyo Podcast 22: Japanese Yakuza

    On this episode Anthony talks to Belgian photographer Anton Kusters who spent two years photographing the Japanese Yakuza and has produced a fascinating photo book detailing his journey into the heart of the Japanese criminal world.

  • Tokyo Podcast 19: Prisoners & Patriots

    During World War II the United States government detained over 100,000 people of Japanese descent in interment camps throughout the west coast of the United States. Neil Simon is a documentary filmmaker who’s film ‘Prisoners and Patriots’ hopes to bring awareness to the camp in Santa Fe and this untold story from World War II.

  • Tokyo Podcast 15: Japanese Castle Explorer

    Tokyo Podcasts talks to Japanese Castle Explorer about the historic and modern significance of the Japanese castles. From ancient ruins to modern replicas this show is all about the majestic Japanese castles.

  • Tokyo Podcast 11: Walking Japanese History

    We go back in history as we take a walking tour of the Imperial Palace with Paul Christie from Walk Japan who tells us of the historical significance of the Imperial Palace and the role it played in establishing Tokyo as the economic centre of Japan.

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