• Tokyo Podcast 35: Bobby Judo

    June 11th, 2012

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    Tokyo Podcast Bobby Judo

    Tokyo Podcast 35: Bobby Judo

    Many foreigners come to Japan with dreams of becoming a TV or movie celebrity, believing in the outdated myth that being a caucasian foreigner in Japan is the easy ticket to fame and riches. My guest today is Bobby Judo who hosts his own cooking segment on a local Japanese television network and what is particularly interesting about Bobby’s story is how he managed to get his cooking show on Japanese TV.

    I am also joined by Jacqueline Wein who is an antiques dealer and design historian who runs a popular website about the vibrant antique markets here in Tokyo. She joins us to talk about the rare and interesting items that can be found at the many local markets.

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    2. Cory
      Jun 17th

      I know that you have YouTubers on occasionally, so I’d love to suggest gimmeaflakeman if both him and you are interested.

      • Jun 18th

        Hey Cory, thanks for the suggestion. I did send Victor a message a while back about coming on the show but never heard back from him.

    3. Cory
      Jun 19th

      I figured you had tried since you’ve had Hikosaemon and Unrested on before, and Victor’s hard to miss if you watch Jvloggers. Just thought I’d check. Thanks for the reply!

    4. Jun 21st

      I used to buy and sell antiques in Japan. I found the best source of items was Yahoo auctions (ebay never really caught on in Japan). You could find some amazing stuff there. While the markets were fun to go to, prices seemed a lot more expensive with less quality products.

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