About Tokyo Podcast

One of the most exciting cities in Asia, Tokyo is a pulsating, neon-lit, adrenaline rush! From it’s hyper modern culture to it’s cutting edge technology this is a city that is rushing full speed ahead into the future, and yet there is a quiet calm among the 13 million people who call Tokyo home. Historic parks and temples stand beside modern skyscrapers and internet cafes, fashion conscious Tokyoites shop alongside women wearing traditional kimonos, and at the heart of the city the stately Imperial Palace retains a tangible link to the past.


Anthony Joh Bangkok Podcast Host Anthony Joh has been a world traveler since birth, having grown up in Canada, USA and eventually settling in Japan. He’s been a business savvy entrepreneur ever since his first venture selling newspapers at the age of 9. After getting the travel bug he sold his successful automotive business and took off on a European adventure to indulge in his passion for classic sports cars.


Brad Stephenson Brad Stephenson has been living in Japan for over 8 years and owns 25Cafes.com which features regular weekly reviews on 100% smoke free cafes in and around the Tokyo area. Each cafe is organised by location and features such as free wi-fi, terrace seating and organic food to make finding a good cafe in Tokyo as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

Sophie Carroll Sophie Carroll is a recent university graduate from Coventry, United Kingdom where she studied History. She is passionate about Japanese history and culture and began writing Sophie’s Japan Blog after her second trip to Japan. Her blog features contests, book reviews and commentary on everything from bento boxes to politics to famous samurai.