• Tokyo Podcast 23: Learn Japanese Podcast

    We continue our Japanese Language Series with Alex Brooke who is the host of the Learn Japanese Podcast. His podcast is recorded with native Japanese speakers who teach useful everyday conversational Japanese.

  • Tokyo Podcast 22: Japanese Yakuza

    On this episode Anthony talks to Belgian photographer Anton Kusters who spent two years photographing the Japanese Yakuza and has produced a fascinating photo book detailing his journey into the heart of the Japanese criminal world.

  • Tokyo Podcast 21: Dating in Japan

    One of the most commonly asked questions I get is what is dating like in Japan? Is it the same as dating in a Western country? Are Japanese girls too shy? Do Japanese guys flirt? To guide us through this dating minefield we have Melissa Feineman who is here to explain the various aspects of […]

  • Tokyo Podcast 20: Finding Sachi

    On March 10, 2011 Sachiko Takao set out on adventure bike tour to experience the wonderful foods that are available in Japan. Starting in Okinawa Sachiko cycled over 2200 KM across Japan to the northern tip of Hokkaido. Along the way she sampled many delicious foods, photographed the amazing scenery and met many friendly and […]

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