• Tokyo Podcast 19: Prisoners & Patriots

    During World War II the United States government detained over 100,000 people of Japanese descent in interment camps throughout the west coast of the United States. Neil Simon is a documentary filmmaker who’s film ‘Prisoners and Patriots’ hopes to bring awareness to the camp in Santa Fe and this untold story from World War II.

  • Tokyo Podcast 18: William Saito

    On this show Anthony Joh talks to William Saito who is an accomplished entrepreneur, venture capitalist, educator and consultant to governments worldwide. He talks about how the Japanese economic train got derailed and what steps can be taken to get it back on track.

  • Tokyo Podcast 17: Uncle Polyglot

    We continue our Japanese Language series with Yushi Shinoda, aka Uncle Polyglot who speaks 5 languages. We get into all sorts of study techniques from memorization, flash cards and even speaking to cats all in the name of learning a new language.

  • Tokyo Podcast 16: Surviving in Japan

    Our guest today is Ashley Thompson who runs the website Surviving in Japan. On her site she offers all sorts of valuable tips on setting up your new life in Japan. She recently had her first child and joins us to talk about her experience giving birth in Japan.

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