• Tokyo Podcast 15: Japanese Castle Explorer

    Tokyo Podcasts talks to Japanese Castle Explorer about the historic and modern significance of the Japanese castles. From ancient ruins to modern replicas this show is all about the majestic Japanese castles.

  • Tokyo Podcast 14: Isaku Kageyama

    I talk to Isaku Kageyama who is two-time National Odaiko Champion and is the first person to be accepted into a major American music university for playing taiko. We talk about the history of taiko, how the Japanese system makes it difficult for younger players to get noticed and how more traditional Japanese music might […]

  • Tokyo Podcast 13: Jet Set Citizen

    Which is more difficult to do, start a successful business or to sell a successful business? On this show I talk to John Bardos about why he sold is Japanese language school to travel around the world and what has learned about himself in the process.

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