• Tokyo Podcast 27: 100 Yen Japanese Arcade Experience

    March 26th, 2012

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    Tokyo Podcast 100 Yen Arcade Experience

    Tokyo Podcast 27: 100 Yen Japanese Arcade Experience

    Before there was Nintendo or Playstation or home computer games there was the neighbourhood arcade. Dimly lit and usually situated in a bad part of town, the arcade was a popular hangout for many teenage boys in the late 70′s and 80′s in America. Reaching their peak in the late 1980′s the arcade has been in decline in America as the popularity of home computer games has taken off.

    On this show I am joined by Brad Crawford who’s latest film ’100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience’ is a historical documentary about the evolution of arcades and the culture surrounding it – from the birth of arcades to the game centers that still thrive today. Filmed on location in Japan and featuring interviews with industry professionals, game programmers and designers, this film is sure to excite the video game aficionados.

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    1. Cory
      Mar 26th

      The only arcades I know of in the US, around me at least, are in movie theaters or in places like Chuck E. Cheese.

    2. Come to Japan! They are everywhere.

    3. Mike
      Mar 28th

      I had no idea that the arcade experience was still so vibrant in Japan. Since I live in New Hampshire, I am lucky to be close to Funspot, an arcade which still has tons of the old classic arcade games. But even there, some of the machines are falling apart and many are out or order. It’s nice to know that the arcade experience is still alive elsewhere in the world.

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